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Made in USA

We are proud of our pillows

All our products are made in America and shipped worldwide from Los Angeles, CA. Hand-sewed in the factory one of our US partner and controlled by humans, before your product gets shipped to you! 

Certified Quality

All materials used are human-ecological optimised textiles, which means that there is no harmful effects on the human and environmental health.

Made in USA & on-demand

For us it is important to know that our products are hand-made in USA. This results in slightly higher prices, but we believe that this is also reflected in higher quality.

We do not have huge stock. Every product is hand-made as soon as you place your order with us. It takes a few days for printing, sewing and quality control. So please be patient with your order as good things need some time.

We are convinced that you will feel the time and will enjoy your products for a long time!